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How To Qualify

Social Security Disability Benefits:
Application, the Process and Appeals

If you have never applied for Social Security Disability benefits, there are usually three levels to applying for Social Security disability before getting approved.

The first level is the initial application level, almost 90% of claims are denied at this level.

The second level is the appeal level or the request for reconsideration level, almost 70% of appeals are upheld as a denial.

The third level is the hearing level or the request for hearing level.  This level is where most applicants are awarded their disability benefits.  This level gives the claimant the opportunity to go before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Most benefits are awarded at the hearing level.  Going before an ALJ gives the claimant an opportunity to tell their story of how they became disabled and why they can no longer work.

How To Qualify - Social Security ChecklistHaving a qualified Social Security Disability Representative can greatly improve your chances of getting approved at the hearing level and may even increase the amount of benefits you are awarded!

How To Qualify: Social Security Disability Benefits Application, The Process and Appeals

If you need to apply, re-apply or file an appeal for Social Security disability benefits, you are entitled to our FREE NO COST/ NO OBLIGATION Evaluation. If you have already applied and were denied, don’t give up! You can still appeal or even re-apply and win benefits with the help of a qualified Social Security Disability Representative. Call 855-GO DISABILITY (855-463-4722) today.

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